Office Lunch Heist Goes Viral After A Co-Worker Tweeted The Hilarious Scandal

I’m really glad I get to work from home. I can make whatever is in my fridge and don’t have to worry about crazy people aka my co-workers stealing my food. I guess my dog steals a couple of wheat thins here and there, but anyway that’s a tale for another day.

Today we are talking about Zak Toscani’s epic story of a co-worker and how they lost their lunch within 30 minutes of putting it in the fridge. It’s really a job for Sherlock Holmes, you know the Robert Downey Jr. version for sure. Just have that in the back of you mind as you read it.



It all started with one tweet…

Look how many dang retweets and favorites it has! Now strap in and get ready for a ride!

If there’s any other thefts in Zak’s office, we will update so check back!