After Coming Home To Take Care Of His Sick Mother, This Guy Lost 70 LBs And Looks Like A Disney Prince

Get ready to get your daily dose of inspiration from none other than this guy right here. His name is Jeffrey Kendall, and this is about his journey of losing 70 lbs and looking unrecognizable to even his mother.

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

Jeffrey wrote to Love What Matters:

“It’s been somewhere over two years since I remember lying in bed awake, again, thinking of how far I’ve slipped and how impossible it would be to get back. Weight has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life.

I was an overweight youth, I was bullied growing up. I’ve lived my life with body-image and confidence issues. I started my first efforts towards weight loss when I was 12. Throughout my life, I’ve gained and lost weight, but this time was different.”

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

He began right before his mother was to be released from a rehab center where she had been since July 4, 2015. She had suffered a brain aneurysm and had been in a coma and rehab hospitals for 7 long months. She was to be released since insurance no longer would cover her.

He continued:

“She didn’t recognize me the first day she was back. It was a very emotional time for me. I had seen her in the hospitals where she could barely speak, I had seen her in the ICU where she couldn’t. I had seen her on the floor unable to wake up. To see her stare without the longing of a mother was heart wrenching. It put a world of self-pity and pain in perspective to me.”

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

“My good friend was also in an emotional time after a breakup and wanted help to get in shape. It was a perfect reason for me to start something new as I felt a new appreciation for life after that summer.

We started out small, a light barbell workout and agreed to do pushups every day. Soon I was waking up and going for walks while listening to uplifting music.”

So they began day by day and week by week and started to see results.

“I posted on Reddit because I was honestly at a low. I asked them to rate me and I was astounded by some of the positivity. It made me want to care about myself more, it made put an effort into myself.”

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall
Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

He concluded with:

“Being home helping with my mother has been a huge help and motivator for me as well. She’s the toughest person I know and gives me a constant appreciation for life. She’s always telling me to take a day off and I love her so much for it. At the end of the day, I just want to make her proud.

So now I stand over 70 pounds lighter, and I appreciate every breath I take. I’m using the love and support from everyone around to continue working towards my ultimate goal in life, which is to simply be love. I’m not entirely sure what that means just yet, but I hope to find out.”

Pretty awesome story!

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