Instead Of Giving Their Owner “Gifts” These Cats Brings Goodies To Their New Automatic Feeder Now

Two years ago, Cee Webster wasn’t having the best day. Turns out what started as a bad day, turned out to be a life changing day. She went to an animal shelter, the Pixie Project, that’s in Portland, Oregon to go pet some animals and feel better.

Webster then met two kittens that were only 8-weeks-old, and they were the cutest little furballs. The two couldn’t be separated and they were brothers so they were kind of a package deal.

Image Via Cee Webster

There was just one problem. Webster said to The Dodo:

“I’m allergic to cats, and definitely shouldn’t have cats. Tucker was this tiny little nugget and he started kneading on my face and purring.”

Well that could have been an issue, but she didn’t care. She left that afternoon, and couldn’t stop thinking about Tucker and his brother, Finley. She continued:

“I just felt like those cats are special. I was like, ‘I just have to go get them.'”

Image Via Cee Webster

Even though she had allergies, she found herself with two cats of her own. And she wouldn’t want it any other way. She spoke about how the mental health benefits outweighed her poor nose’s predicament.

So the two best friends got a new human best friend, and they they are now the three best friends!


She said that, “These guys are best friends. They sleep together and groom each other.”

They eat A LOT too apparently. Webster has to work them out before dinner so they keep their lean (not mean) bodies. They play with little toy “mousies,” Finley especially. He likes to chase after the mousie after Webster throws it, and they’ve gotten used to playing fetch.

But the two brothers think that playing with a mouse means they are eating now. So the next step she said was:

“I got them the feeder so they could have some dry food throughout the day and it would portion it out. It’s on a timer, too. So maybe they wouldn’t wake me up at 5 in the morning.”

Image Via Cee Webster

At first, Tucker and Finley were leery of their new robot friend. It was noisy and something that was just very foreign to them.

“When I first set it up they got freaked out because it made a weird noise. And Finley walked away with his tail puffed up.”

Image Via Cee Webster

But since it’s on a timer they eventually got used to it, and learned their new friend’s schedule. It makes a noise and once that’s initiated they sprint over to it now. They even have learned when it’s going to happen, and wait five minutes beforehand.

What could have made it an even funnier sight?

They stopped bringing the mousies to Webster and instead, they brought the mousies to the feeder.

Webster concluded:

“It’s like the singularity — that point when artificial intelligence has taken over. There was actually a mousie in the food bowl this morning when I went down.”

And it’s still happening to this day. Now Webster gets more sleep and the kitties are still happy. A win/win!

Image Via Cee Webster