Kim Kardashian Explains The Meltdown That Led To Kourtney’s Iconic ‘Kim, There’s People That Are Dying’

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Kim Kardashian is just like all of us: When she loses a $75,000 earring, she freaks out.

Okay, so it’s not particularly reminiscent of anything we’ve recently experienced — and the Kardashian clan definitely knows that.

“Okay, can I explain?” Kim says during E!’s 10th anniversary special. “That earring … I have upgraded for years, for my birthday. I buy myself a birthday present and I had upgraded that pair of diamond studs.”

“Is this a relatable story?” Khloe cuts in.

“I mean, it’s not relatable, but it’s what I went through,” Kim counters. “And it’s why I was crying. I’m just being honest.”

During one of the most famous scenes in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” history, Kim’s then-husband, Kris Humphries, tossed her into the ocean during a Bora Bora family vacation. And just like that, the earring had disappeared.

“We’ll find it, baby,” Kris assured his new wife.

“We’re not going to f—ing find it in the ocean!” an inconsolable Kim shrieked.

After hearing her sister’s sobs, Kourtney asked what the issue was, and then responded with one of the show’s most famous retorts: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

After acknowledging that the earrings cost $75,000 “or more,” Kim conceded that she does see the absurdity of the meltdown.

“Yes, I see Kourtney’s point now,” she admits.

Kourtney takes that opportunity to recreate her iconic line: “There’s people that are dying, Kim!”

“And I totally get that,” Kim says firmly. “And I get it.”