Video Of Kellyanne Conway’s Brief Stand-Up Comedy Career Emerges

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Before she was Donald Trump’s campaign manager and right-hand woman, Kellyanne Conway was briefly a stand-up comedian.

In 1998, the president’s top aide was unmarried and known as Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. She worked as a pollster in Washington D.C. while trying her hand on the comedy circuit.

C-SPAN video from November of that year called “Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest” recently surfaced.

According to the video’s description, comedians, journalists and other local celebrities gave humorous speeches for charity — including Conway, who performed a 10-minute stand-up set.

In the video of her performance, she drops pop culture references, political jokes and hyper-personal musings.

“I don’t know nothin’ about that but they’ll still invite me to chat, as long as I’m blonde and not too fat,” Conway says at one point.

The routine ends when she dons a feather boa and breaks out into a song she calls, “I’ve Got the Pundit Blues.”

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