Seven Dream Symbols And What They Mean

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We’ve all had one of those weird, lucid dreams before, but did you ever wonder what that dream means?

From free falling through the sky or your teeth falling out, these dream symbols mean something:

Falling means you’re nervous something is going to spiral out of control. Whether you’re not feeling supported or you’re insecure about the future, falling relates to the feeling of the floor coming out from under you.

Showing up unprepared to a test means you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. You’re also probably worried about not succeeding or not doing well.

Your teeth falling out may mean you are stressed. In times of big changes and transition, you can start feeling anxious, which can result in the terrifying dream of losing your teeth.

If something is chasing you, you might be nervous to confront an issue and are avoiding it. You could even be running away from yourself by projecting some version of yourself unto an unknown pursuer.

If you see a cat your dream, it could illustrate femininity, creativity or power. One dream expert says it could even show the conflict between feral and domestic versions of ourselves.

Roads mean you’re thinking about your sense of direction or your goals. If the road is windy, it could mean you’re encountering some roadblocks. If it is flooded, it means you feel like your emotions are holding you back.

Flying signifies you are feeling in control of your life. It could also mean that you’re looking at life from a new perspective or you’re feeling free and hopeful.

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