23 Of The Best Restaurants That Will Give You Free Food On Your Birthday

As we get older, we care less about our birthdays. Also as we get older though, we care more about saving some dang money. So when you bring the two together you kinda have to care about your birthday to save money.

How do you do such a feat?

You sign up at one of these fine restaurants and get free food! Loyalty programs are the best and you really just have to give up your email address for them. Now your birthday is only one day, what will you do with the 22 other pieces of advice?

Well you could make your birthday whenever you want it to be! If you always wanted a summer birthday, let Dairy Queen’s email list you have a July birthday! You get my point, lets take a look at all the other awesome offers these eateries want to give to you!

1. Applebee’s

If you are feeling like looking at random stuff pinned to the wall, Applebees is your go-to spot. They give away a free dessert to members of their EClub.

2. Hooters

“But their wings are actual good too!” is something you’ve probably heard from some guys before. Well go there for your birthday and get 10 free wings when you are in their EClub!


3. Krispy Kreme

Nothing wrong with a little glazed donut action on your birthday, cakes are overrated anyways. Join their club and you’ll get a free donut, easy!


4. Noodles & Company

Back to actual food, Noodles & Co wants to celebrate your bday with a free bowl of their best noodles. Yum!

5. P.F. Chang’s

This is one of the better options on this list. P.F. Chang’s offers a buy one get one offer on your birthday when you are apart of their “Preferred Club.” They make it sound so fancy!

6. Qdoba

Guess what Qdoba offers the exact same thing. Get ready to have a lot more friends (or just double the food) after all these offers. Their rewards program is here, and works on more than just your bday!


7. Wendy’s

One of the best creations on earth, the frosty, can be yours for free-ninety-nine on the day of your birth. Get some mail from Wendy here.

8. TGI Fridays

Even if your birthday doesn’t fall on a Friday, you will still get a free dessert with your purchase of an entree during your birthday month at TGI’s.

9. Red Robin

How does a free burger sound? Well Red Robin is serving them up hot during your birthday month when you sign up for their club. That means free unlimited fries too right?

10. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut wants to give you free hot, fresh cinnamon sticks as long as you order on your birthday with your account with them.


11. Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s Steakhouse isn’t just giving away a free dessert on your birthday, they also give you a real dang present! A $25 reward card to go towards that delicious steak! Sign up for Landry’s Select Club here!

12. Johnny Rockets

This is why you might need to spread these rewards out over a year! Johnny Rockets is slinging you a free burger on your birthday with a purchase of another entree and a drink with their eClub. So bring a friend or just a really big appetite!

13. IHOP

Step into the House of Pancakes on your birthday and get a free full stack of delicious cakes! Syrup included! They want you to join the “Pancake Revolution” but trust me it’s not that serious.


14. Einstein Bros. Bagels

There isn’t anything better for breakfast than a free egg sandwich for your bday! Get in Eintein’s eClub and that’s exactly what you’ll get…plus another free bagel for just signing up!

15. Dairy Queen

As I mentioned before a delicious DQ blizzard would be great on a hot summer day. Get in on their fan club and bring a friend for their BOGO bday deal!


16. Cold Stone

Need more frozen deliciousness? Bring that same friend to Cold Stone and get another BOGO offer with their club!

17. California Pizza Kitchen

Back to real food…kinda, after you devour a delicious za’ from CPK, stuff down a free dessert after you sign up for their CPK rewards program.

18. Buffalo Wild Wings

Now I prefer these wings over Hooter’s wings but free is free! Get in on their Buffalo Circle and redeem a coupon for a free snack size order of traditional or boneless wings!


19. Benihana

Yes. Beni-F***ING-hana! They will send you a $30 gift certificate to use in your birthday month once you sign up for their Chef’s Table membership.

20. Baskin-Robbins

Sign up for some more free ice cream and get a free scoop when you’re part of Baskin Robbin’s Birthday Club!

21. Cinnabon

If you are still frequenting malls, then the smell of Cinnabon forever follows you. Sign up for Club Cinnabon and get a free “birthday treat” that apparently varies? Find out by signing up!


22. Ruby Tuesday

If you weren’t burger-ed out already, get another free burger from Ruby Tuesdays!

23. Chili’s

And last but not least at all get welcomed to Chili’s! They will top you off with a free dessert on their birthday or within two-weeks of it!