18 Items You Should Never Pay For

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

Nothing in life comes absolutely free, but there are things you can take advantage of getting for free in your everyday life.

Why go to a cafe that charges you for Wi-fi when you can go to one that offers it free of charge? And why shell out for someone to help you with tax preparation and filing when there are tons of reliable online resources you can use for free?

Being frugal is about being smart, and sometimes there are ways to cut expenses without having to sacrifice the services or items that you need.

There are alternative options and different methods for everything on this list, and paying for any of these is a spending mistake.

Here are 18 everyday items and services that you should never pay for:

ATM fees


DVDs/VHS tapes

Bottled water

Travel-sized toiletries 

Foreign language lessons

Travel/navigation apps

Tax preparation

Museum tickets


Wi-fi outside of your home

Cable TV

Books (hard copy or on an e-reader)

Extended warranties on big purchases

Credit card usage abroad

Memory sticks/cards

Credit report/score

Long-distance phone calls

Sometimes, it’s as simple as utilizing the free version of an app instead of upgrading to the premium or taking advantage of free water in cafes and restaurants.

Of course, it’s difficult to cut the necessary costs in life, like groceries and gas.

But the good thing to know is that when you need to cut corners, there are certainly ways around the everyday expenses.

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