Mom Freaks Out After Her Daughter Started Talking To Someone Down The Drain Of Their Sink

I don’t know if you have seen IT but it is one of the most terrifying movies in the past five years. When I first saw it I never looked at storm drains the same again. Also clowns are just the dang worst.

So when a Arizona mom heard her child say two words to a drain, she was very concerned.

It all started when they were brushing their teeth and Brianna’s three-year-old daughter looked into the drain of the sink and said, “Hi Georgie.”


Brianna had just watched IT a month ago, so she instantly got chills when she heard her daughter say that. She said that she had to “legitimately had to hold back some tears.”

She told Unilad:

“Well, we got her the Peppa Pig set for Christmas, so I really don’t know exactly how long he was down there. But she and I were brushing our teeth together as we do every night before bed, with her standing on the toilet which is basically right up against the sink.

She leaned over to rinse her toothbrush off and stops dead in her tracks, fixated on the drain. Then she goes (in a creepy singsong voice she’s mastered at the age of 3) ‘Hi Georgie…’

My husband and I had just watched IT about a month ago so the movie was still fresh in my mind.

She looked up at me and I got chills. Like the kind of chills you get when someone is telling a ghost story around a campfire and I legitimately had to hold back some tears.”

Image Via Twitter

This is the stuff that movies are made of, and Brianna didn’t want to bring herself to look down the drain. She eventually did and felt a huge sigh of relief.

She described the whole ordeal on Twitter:

“My 3 year-old just made me crap my pants when she looked down our bathroom sink and goes ‘Hi Georgie…’ (Keep in mind she’s never seen a scary movie in her life, let alone IT).

Against my better judgement i look down the drain AND’s Peppa Pig’s little brother, George.”

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Well THAT was a close call!



Brianna went onto to Unilad:

“I needed to know at that pivotal moment in time If my child was the actual spawn of Satan, so I slowly brought my face down to the drain with my eyes closed.

When I opened them, I had to laugh at myself being so scared. The stinkin’ Pig.

The thing is, she watches Peppa Pig all the time. Even though he’s referred to as ‘Georgie’ a couple times in the show, she’s never called him that. So her decision to use that name instead of George is all the stranger.”

Image Via Twitter

After going viral, many people commented back saying that they read the tweet in Pennywise’s voice.


So how did little Georgie get down there in the first place? His legs were gone and when Brianna talked to Thea, she said they had “been eaten.”

Maybe there is a creepy clown lurking around the corner…