Guy Depicts Exactly What It’s Like To Have Two Female Roommates And It’s Spot On

Sometimes it can be hard living with people, and it can be especially difficult if you are the only guy in a three roommate situation. I have a feeling we are about to learn just how ummm interesting that bathroom of theirs can get.

Who are we talking about now? Craig Staples, along with his girlfriend and her best friend. Honestly I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic they did to him to get him to agree with that, but here we are.

After moving in with two ladies, Craig started to see some eye-opening things and wanted the world to know about them.

So he preceded to list the top 15 most…interesting things he encountered.

1. This is just about girls in general…

2. In the comfort of their own home, anything is on the table…

3. EVERYWHERE! And no where at the same dang time…

4. Start your night at 2:30…

5. Bath and Body Works is life

6. I’ve been here, because of my roommate I hate Ari too!

7. I think it’s “On Fleek” Craig…

8. Mmmm I’m hungry too…

9. Everyone knows a girl that could find Bigfoot if she wanted to.

10. English translation: robes. They are robes.

11. Thank Lady Gaga and Just Dance


13. Even the places you didn’t know about had to be cleaned.

14. The Sisterhood of the clothes or something like that right?

15. This is the most obvious one to me!

But would Craig have it any other way?

Looks like these ladies found a really great friend

If you want to check in on Craig and his roommate’s adventures you can check him out on Twitter here.