Everyone Made The Same Hilarious Joke When Obama Made Melania Trump Laugh This Past Weekend

Oh Obama, how we love it whenever you’re in the news. This is one of those feel good stories you just feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards. The only thing that could make it better would be a puppy in Obama’s arms or something.

Anyways, many political figures got together this past weekend due to the passing of former First Lady, Barbara Bush. It was a somber occasion but a beautiful eulogy was given by Jeb Bush.

Four former presidents and four First ladies were in attendance and many remarked over the photo and how they all came together. More notably though was a image was snapped of Obama sitting at the funeral along side Melania Trump.

The current President was away doing important things, visiting one of his golf resorts in Florida. But since POTUS was away, Obama slid in and showed us the first smile we’ve seen from Melania in ages.

The caption is pretty on point to be honest. Have you ever seen Donald And Michelle together? Nope because how would he react? Probably twittle his thumbs? Safe to say Twitter went in on the hilarity of this situation.

And my favorite one was short and sweet…

According to The White House, the reason for Donald’s absence was “to avoid disruptions due to added security, and out of respect for the Bush Family.”

Another Twitter user added:

“Nothing said class like Obama making Melania smile and feel welcome…knowing she supported her husband’s birther movement and asked on national television to see Obama’s birth certificate.”

Pretty true. Now back to the funny Tweets…

Here are a few images of times where she wasn’t smiling, you might see a correlation.

Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

Or what about that one time he thanked his wife for introducing him with a hug I mean handshake…

People’s reactions were a bit different for this one. Instead of getting the love and adoration that Obama received, they gave Trump the opposite.

Melania! Blink once if you need help, I think we can get Liam Neeson on the case for you!