10 Starbucks Hacks To Help You Save Money

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Everybody needs their morning pick-me-up whether you like coffee, tea or a sweeter drink.

These tips and tricks will help you get the most bang for your buck during your next trip to Starbucks.

Order your drink black:

Instead of paying extra for added milk in your latte, use the milk they set out for you for free

Ask for your ice on the side:

If you order your drink sans ice, you’ll get more coffee in your cup. Then just ask for a cup of ice and you can add it yourself.

50 cent refills:

If you’re camping out at your local Starbucks to get work done, you can get 50 cent refills on coffee or tea the entire time you’re there, but once you leave the offer expires.

French press:

If you would rather not keep getting up for refills, you can order a french press of coffee to keep you going through your cram study session.

10 cent discount:

Earth conscious companies always love when their customers are too. If you bring your own tumbler, Starbucks will take 10 cents off your drink purchase.

Order your tea without water:

Baristas add water to the iced teas before serving them. So if the strength isn’t up to your liking, order it without water to get a stronger cup.

Skip the line:

If you download the Starbucks app, you can purchase your drink before you’re even in line. That way once you get to the store, you can grab your already made drink from the barista and dash out the door.

Give your furry friend a treat:

Starbucks loves dogs as much as you do. So order a ‘puppycino‘ and your pup can get a side order of whipped cream

Don’t forget the secret menu:

If nothing’s striking your fancy on the menu board, you can order something off the Starbucks secret menu. Favorites include: red velvet, oreo and s’mores frappuccinos.


If you turn in your old, empty coffee bean bags, Starbucks will give you a free hot or iced coffee.

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