How To Defrost Your Steaks In Less Than 5 Minutes Without Electricity

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Freezing your meat is the best way to keep it fresh, but it’s always a pain having to wait for your next meal to defrost.

This new trick is the key to saving you time and electricity.


All you need is water and two metal pots — no hot water, no microwave and no heat.

First, keep the steak in a plastic bag and place it on an upside down pot. Next, fill the other pot up with water and place that on top of the steak. The steak should now be sandwiched between the two pots



And viola… A 1 cm-thick steak should be ready for the grill in just five minutes.

Easy right?

You can test out this new trick or listen to the advice of Dan Souza, a food magazine editor. He decided to test the taste of steak that’s cooked frozen vs. steak that’s cooked after being thawed.


Souza actually preferred the frozen steaks because they lost less moisture while being cooked.

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