Here’s The Reason This Dad Snapped After Confronting His Daughter’s Bully

Being a parent is hard in 2018 for this generation of parents it seems. You have some woke parents realizing that physically harming a child is bad and the way their parents parented was not effective. Then you have the other side of the coin with the opposite train of thought.

We have the latter in this story, but to his credit he tried to hold back. Meet Mark Bladen, a 53 year old dad from The Gap Brisbane, Australia that was speaking to a boy who had wronged his daughter. Sadly it didn’t really go well for either party in this story.

Images Via Channel Nine

In an interview with 60 minutes (which comes out this Sunday), Bladen says that he was just trying to give the kid a “good old fashioned talking to.”

He couldn’t help himself when the boy smiled at him, which in his words made, “Dr Jekyll came out.”

Take a look for yourself:

The video shows Bladen yelling and pointing at the boy and eventually he snaps and begins to strangle the boy. Eventually the kid’s friends get him off after screaming:

“Get the f**k off him, get off him!”

So what was the reason for Bladen berating the kid in the first place?

Images Via Channel Nine

His daughter said that he had been calling her names and giving her insulting gifts. According to The Sun she told reporters:

“[He] called me names like gorilla and King Kong, he would buy me shaving cream for Christmas so that I would shave.”

60 Minutes also talked to his wife and she defended him saying, “He (Bladen) did what any parent would do.”

Images Via Channel Nine

Friends of Bladen’s also defended his violence. Saying he should protect his “princess” and they would be fine if he did it again.

One of them specifically said, “He’s got to stand up for his family. I would hope that he would do it again, to be honest.”

Bladen pled guilty to the Brisbane Magistrates Court on March 20 for a count of “assault occasioning bodily harm.” He was made to only pay $1000, due to never having any run-ins with the law before.

Images Via Channel Nine

He was also ordered to pay $500 compensation to the boy.

Bladen said at court:

“I’m very sorry for what I did, very regretful and ashamed.

Please don’t do what I did, I just lost control. It’s definitely not the way to handle things”

Images Via Channel Nine

His tone changed though in his Channel Nine interview though saying:

“When I was young you treated a lady like a lady and it should be the same way now.

We live in a day of political correctness, and I hate it.”

I guess we can live with a sorry not sorry. I mean the boy was calling his daughter a gorilla…

The full interview will air this Sunday and we will update if it comes available online.