Personal Chef Reveals What The Queen Eats In A Day

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You’d think the Queen of England would get to eat whatever she wants, when she wants. If we were the Queen of England, our daily meals would most likely be lobster and chocolate cake.

But that’s not so much the case. While the Queen is invited to all the A list events and worldwide functions, her daily diet is actually a lot simpler than we expected.

Scroll through to see the Queen’s favorite foods:

1. Breakfast: Tea (with milk and no sugar) and biscuits


2. Breakfast: Special K cereal with fruit, and the occasional toast or omelette


3. Pre-Lunch: A “tipple of gin and aperitif Dubonnet”


4. Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken. She has a strict no pasta or rice.


5. Afternoon Snack: Tea with finger sandwiches or biscuits


6. Dinner: Beef, salmon with mushrooms


According to her former personal chef, Queen Elizabeth used to read through a menu only twice a week, giving him time to source the ingredients from her farms. Unlike Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth isn’t a “foodie” — in fact, what she eats in a day is actually quite similar to any normal person.

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