Poor Stray Dog Snuggles Up To A Giant Teddy Bear Until Someone Finally Rescued Him

Anyone who abandons their dog needs to go to jail. There needs to be a law and we need to make that happen. Let’s take a look at change.org and see if there’s a petition out there.

Anyways, this doggo either was abandoned or just got lost, and he was just hanging out, waiting to be saved. Who was his savior? It was Kourtnee Blount who is another independent dog rescuer who was just driving through a random neighborhood in Montgomery, Texas.

That’s when she found a dog that was cuddling a giant teddy bear that you find at every Walgreens at Valentine’s Day.

Image Via Kourtnee Blount

Kourtnee talked to The Dodo and said:

“As I turned the corner, I saw him lying there with the bear. I believe he pulled it out of someone’s trash because there was a lot of other trash scattered around him. It broke my heart. It was so sad”

Kourtnee checked around the neighborhood because it was known that some people let there dogs off the leash a lot there. But she got done asking around and came up empty. Nobody claimed him.

Once she got home, she posted pictures all over Facebook of the cute pup cuddling with his bear. Eventually, Destiny Swatzel responded and said she would go and rescue the struggling doggo. She is also an independent dog rescuer. Once she got there, she was scared that she might have not gotten there in time.

Image Via Kourtnee Blount

Destiny told The Dodo:

“I went looking for him on Monday and found him lying in the middle of the road. I honestly thought he was dead and went into panic mode.”

Once she approached Teddy (which he was later named appropriately), he lifted his head up and he was living thank goodness.

Destiny went onto say:

“I whistled for him to come to me. Sweet little guy walked right up to me and let me slip a leash around him.”

She decided against taking the teddy bear since it was looking like it had been dragged through the muck for awhile. Maybe his next owner will get him a big bear he can cuddle with later though.

Destiny Swatzel

The poor guy didn’t have a micro chip, which is super important if you don’t have one for your own dog. It can make sure you never lose your dog and I highly recommend it.

Once she got Teddy in the car, he wasn’t in good shapes. She recalled:

“While in the car, he threw up chicken bones, pieces of plastic, rocks and leaves. He clearly had been surviving on the streets.”

The two got to Destiny’s home and she fed him a hearty meal and gave him a much-needed flea bath. The next day she took him to another rescuer, Mary St. Dizier. Yes that is THREE rescuers that helped out Teddy.

Once Mary saw him, she knew he’d stay with her forever though, saying:

“I cried. I knew he was staying with me.”

Image Via Mary St. Dizier

There’s really only one problem, Mary changed Teddy’s name to Blue and I feel like that’s just wrong. But she concluded:

“He’s doing very well. He’s a sweet, well-behaved dog. He’s a lovable little baby.

Destiny Swatzel