The 5 Best Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

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College isn’t for everyone, but a good job should. Here are five of the highest-paying career fields that don’t require a college degree…

5. Electrician
Median Salary: $48,250

Electricians install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment.

Nearly 134,000 jobs will be added for skilled workers like electricians by 2020.

All you need is a high school degree and an apprenticeship, which is typically paid.


4. Web Developer
Median Salary: 63,490

A web developer is responsible for designing and coding websites as well as working with client needs.

With such a need for companies to have an online presence, web developers are often hired on their online portfolio rather than their education.


3. Commercial Pilot
Median Salary: $73,280

Commercial pilots fly aircrafts on nonscheduled air-carrier routes. The position requires a commercial pilot certificate.


2. Criminal Investigator
Median Salary: $74,300

Criminal investigators and detectives work to prevent crimes and investigate suspected violations of the law.

Federal agencies typically provide training within their organizations and some agencies even offer internship programs.


1. Air Traffic Control
Median Salary: $122,950 per year

Air traffic controllers manage aircrafts through their entire flight.

They are responsible for safe and on time landings and take offs.

Training to become a traffic controller can take around three years, depending on your specialty.


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