9 Of The Most Dangerous Risks To Your Health This Summer

Summertime is the best time in my opinion. You get to be outside and enjoy the sun but sometimes it can be harmful. The following risks are things to be careful about going forward into the warm months.

Take a second and educate yourself on what to look for, as well as things that you can look for in your family and friends!

9. Bee stings can trigger life-threatening allergies.


Bee stings are the dang worst. Make sure you know your body though because 3% of people can get stung and then face a life-threatening reaction.

If you experience swelling in the face or tongue, a tight chest, or difficulty breathing after a sting, make sure you find an epipen or get to a hospital asap.

8. Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids.


According to the CDC, 3,500 people die a year from drownings that aren’t boat-related. Furthermore, around 20% of those drownings are individuals that are younger than 14.

7. Sunburns are the biggest risk factor for deadly cancer.


This is the classic one you always have to look out for. If you are one of those people that say that, “Oh I don’t get burnt,” that’s just a lie. It’s especially important to keep your kids safe with sunscreen.

If you get more than five blistering sunburns before the age of 20, your risk to develop melanoma goes up by 80%.

6. Food poisoning rates peak in summer.


Due to warm temperatures, the food that sits out waiting to be barbecued and such can quickly become contaminated. Make sure you keep your food refrigerated as long as possible before bringing it out to grill.

5. Heatstroke can kill


Sometimes the heat can kill more people than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. Infants and senior citizens are the ones that are most susceptible.

4. You can pick up nasty bugs when swimming in a pool.


Remember at summer camp when they would make you shower before going in the pool? Well that was actually for a reason, not just because you stunk! This will kill any germs on your body that can’t be killed by the chlorine which could spread via the water in the pool.

3. Tick bites can give people Lyme disease, red meat allergies, and other illnesses.


If you haven’t begun tick prevention yet for your dogs, you need to do that asap. Since our puppers are out in the grass more than ourselves it’s super important to do so.

As for ourselves, we can protect ourselves by wearing long clothes when hiking into tick-infested woods. I know it will be hot, but it will be better than getting things like Lyme disease.

2. Mosquitoes will give you diseases like Zika and dengue.


Mosquitoes are the most annoying bug in the world. Other than having to deal with annoying itchy spots, some mosquitoes can spread diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and chikungunya.

1. You must drink enough water to avoid any fatigue as well as avoid getting a kidney stone


Make sure you drink the H20 in the heat. Not only will you just feel tired and drowsy, you risk of getting kidney stones goes up.