This Wrong Text About A Girl’s Dress Somehow Led To Raising $40,000 For A Child’s Cancer Research

The powers of the internet are crazy. Normally when one sends a wrong text it just gets ignored or you get a “wrong phone” response. That’s not at all what happened to Sydney Uselton who was just trying to see if she looked cute in a dress.

You know the one text we have to send our best friend to see if this really looks good on you. Instead of getting the trusted opinion of her friend though, she got a text back from Tony Wood, a dad in Tennessee of all places.

She these pictures with the following text:

“I believe this message was intended for someone else,” he wrote. “My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!”

Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

As for the kids? Yeah they thought the dress deserved a few thumbs up.

Image Via Twitter

If this wasn’t awesome and just heartwarming in general, it gets better. Just think if everyone treated people this way. So after having a good laugh, Sydney sent the screenshots to her friend Mandi. Mandi tweeted it all out and it’s safe to say it went viral.

At this present moment, the tweet has over 177k retweets and 700k favorites and it’s still rolling. When reached out about his response, Wood said that:

“Society puts a lot of pressure on these young women to have a certain look and a certain body build.

We try to teach our children to be themselves and not worry about what others think…Even with that, my young daughters already express a desire to ‘fit in’ and I figured this young lady might need that reassurance.”

Oh man what a Dad!

Image Via Giphy

There was only one problem, there was a sixth child missing from the photo Wood had sent. Kaizler is Tony’s six year old son that wasn’t in the photo due to currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. The Wood family was notified about the virality of the Tweet via Facebook, and a Tweet went out about Kaizler.

Kaizler’s image on GoFundMe even changed to a thumbs up, giving that final stamp of approval to the dress!

Image Via GoFundMe

Tony was blown away by the support the internet was showing to him and his family!

A few donors wrote on the GoFundMe page:

‘I think the internet is going to make sure you guys can focus on what matters! Hope he recovers quickly and fully.’

‘Proof that a little act of kindness can reap bigger acts of Kindness. Prayers for your family and I hope more and more will donate so that your minds can worry only about your sweet family. Prayers and hugs all around!’

‘I don’t believe this was an accident. Not only are there financial benefits here, but just think of all the Good Thoughts sent to Kaizler and his family. All because Tony decided to make someone else’s day brighter. Instant Karma for sure.’

Image Via Facebook

The fund is currently at $42,106 and honestly by the time you read this it will be even higher! Just an amazing feat of kindness from a stranger!