Eerie Photos Surface Online Of Dear David, The Dead Child Allegedly Haunting This Man’s Apartment

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The viral story about the ghost of a dead little boy named Dear David haunting a man’s apartment has just gotten more terrifying.

You might recall reading a story we posted several months ago about Adam Ellis and his apartment he claims is haunted.

When we last covered Ellis’ bizarre account of his haunted home in a viral Twitter thread, he posted images of a salt barrier he created around the perimeter of his apartment to keep the “evil” at bay.

Since then, the New York-based illustrator claims his nanny camera has captured some strange behavior from his cats and has even been having nightmares about severed heads and shadowy figures appearing before his second-floor window.

Now, Ellis says he’s obtained photographic proof of David in an unbelievable series of tweets about his most recent dream starring the “ghost.”

Though the nightmare was terrifying, Ellis said the fear melted away (somewhat) when he woke up. That is until Ellis said he went into his phone and discovered he had actually been taking photos during his nightmare.

Shortly after, Ellis shared photos of what he claims is David online and the internet has been grasping for an explanation ever since.

Many online have been quick to offer advice to Ellis, while others suspect his strange story is nothing more than a viral marketing plot for his upcoming book.

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