19 Times People Snuck Some Truly Amazing Things Into Movie Theaters

Everyone loves a good snack at the movie theater. I usually go to Walgreens to get candy so I don’t have to pay twenty bucks for a bag of Reeces Pieces. When I forget it’s the worst though and the following people understand that.

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From a whole bag of wine, to a whole watermelon, to a whole meal from Panda Express these people may be the smartest people in the world. I think they deserve a dang medal or a holiday or something!

  1. This mom has been watching too much Food Channel.

2. She knows how to party, this would have made watching The Quiet Place impossible.

3. Half a gallon?!

4. Step up your game, get some plastic bags you monster

5. Don’t fall asleep though!

6. Thought that was something different…

7. Please tell me they snuck it in with maternity clothes…

8. #TBT

9. That’s some serious hunger

10. Is that a baguette or are you just happy to see me?

11. Do you love sushi this much?

12. Amazing!

13. This sounds like everything I wanted when I was 9

14. Good to go!

15. She is a little too happy about this…

16. A whole loaded potato?!

17. Nope, poor choice.

18. And this is the opposite, round of applause for this one.

19. And last but not yeast…