9 Foods That You Should Never Ever Microwave

Microwaves are the best invention since sliced bread. Well speaking of bread you probably won’t want to microwave that along with these eight other items.

Even though these wizards of the kitchen can heat up your food fast, you may want to think of the following health impacts!


9. Aluminum foil

This is one of the more obvious ones I think everyone knows, but I’ve still had roommates who almost have done it.

If you microwave this, fire will happen just like a lot more of these items…


8. Hot peppers

This one almost sounds like a bad internet challenge. If you microwave anything like a Ghost Pepper, it will release capsaicin which is what makes them hot and spicy.

When you open the microwave, get ready for it to hit you in your eyes, throat and tongue!


7. Eggs

There is a trend going around that you can hard boil eggs in the microwave. This is a huge misconception and you won’t be feeling well after this. The egg

The radio waves will make your egg explode and you will have a mess on your hands.


6. Fruits

Okay I don’t know why you would be needing hot fruit, maybe this is for science purposes? Either way don’t do it.

An example is if you microwave a grape it will explode or even start a fire. I guess microwaves are good at doing that.


5. Styrofoam

This is like putting plastic in the microwave, you know something that you aren’t supposed to do. Yes your styrofoam will look funky afterwards but more importantly it will emit harmful chemicals that your body won’t find enjoyable.


4. Water

There’s a common mistake of microwaving water. It’s usually okay if you don’t do it for extended amounts of time, but you need to put something in it to diffuse it. So if you are making tea for example, put the tea bag in the microwave at the same time.

If you put it in after, you will get an upward explosion in the face.


3. Nothing

Kids make this mistake a lot, thinking it’s funny to see what happens. What they don’t know is that it could blow the microwave up or even start a fire.


2. Yogurt, sour cream or any other used food plastic container

These are very low-grade plastic items. So I know I told you to not use plastic earlier, but this is just me letting you know any type of plastic is badddddd.

This is another instance of heating up an item that can release harmful chemicals into your body.


1. Bread

Don’t skip the oven when it comes to bread. It will come out chewy and gross. Don’t worry though, if you or your significant other does it you can throw it back in the oven and it will fix itself.