9 Lessons That Helped Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Build A Billion-Dollar Empire (And How You Can Do It, Too)

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is far from an overnight success story.

Since Amazon’s launch in 1995, the company has become the world’s largest online retailer and is valued at over $175B.

Here are the 10 lessons Bezos swore by to help him build his multi-billion dollar empire:

1. Use your childhood passions as a starting point

Bezos’ passion for science as a child fueled his ability to create, innovate and discover.

It’s reported that he invented an electric alarm in his parents’ garage to keep his half-siblings out of his room.


2. Remember where you came from

Bezos used to spend his summers working on his grandfather’s cattle farm. It’s helped keep Bezos humble, and serves as a reminder to always work hard.

3. Be prepared for ideas to strike you at any time

Bezos wrote down his business plan on a car ride from NY to Seattle.


4. Be open to rebranding

Bezos originally wanted to call Amazon “Cadabra” but changed his mind when potential customers were mispronouncing and mishearing the name.

Another former name, “Relentless,” still redirects its URL to Amazon today.

5. Abide by the “Two Pizza Rule”

Bezo’s golden rule: In order to have a successful business venture, one should form small teams consisting of the number of people it would take to finish two pizzas.


6. Don’t think that you’re immune to failure

Amazon.com crashed for 40 minutes in 2013, costing the company $4.8M.

7. Never stop expanding

Since Amazon has launched, the company has made several million-dollar acquisitions, such as Zappos, IMDB and The Washington Post.

Bezos also founded a space travel company called Blue Origin in 2000 and is currently chairing the construction of a 10,000 year clock in Texas.


8. Train your employees for success, no matter where they go

Amazon employees leave the company skilled and ready to blaze trails of their own. Former employees include Jason Kilar (founder of Hulu and Vessel) and Charlie Cheever (founder of Quora).

9. Don’t limit yourself to one specialty

Amazon started solely as an e-book seller. The company now sells goods across over 15 categories.


Bezos didn’t have any genius revelations or unbelievable strokes of luck to help get him to where he is today. Rather, he’s proof of taking what you’ve learned and looking ahead in order to continue growing a business and catapulting to success.

Bezos runs a company based on simplicity, humility and hard work–no secrets there.

By following his 9 golden rules in the slideshow above, you’ll set yourself up on the road to success, much like Bezos himself.

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