Poor Disabled Puppy Gets Abandoned At A Bar, But Eventually Finds Her Forever Home

Dogs are the best. There’s many places where I’d love to hang with my dog and that includes the bar. I wish there was more bars that invited dog owners in. For some reason they don’t allow it often, something about cleanliness and hair in the beer. You know lame reasons…

Anyways this is where we find little Emmie. She was abandoned at a bar of all places and they called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals aka the RSPCA. When the inspector, Lauren Bailey, heard about the problem she knew she had to help.

Image Via RSPCA

Being abandoned wasn’t Emmie’s only problem, she has a deformity which doesn’t let her straighten her front legs. Along with that, her spine is twisted. She was only 5 months old when they rescued little Emmie and they knew they would have to find a special needs home for her.

This deformity happens when breeders crossbreed dogs that aren’t supposed to go together. They do this terrible thing because they are always trying to create a smaller ‘purse’ dog. Sadly Emmie is the product of when this goes wrong.

Image Via RSPCA

Lisa Hens, the dog welfare expert from RSPCA, said this in a press release:

“Deformities can also be the result of bad nutrition and a poor start in life, with the mum and pups not getting what they needed during the most important first weeks and months of the pup’s life, leading to poor development.”

Image Via RSPCA

They weren’t sure if they would find a special needs home for Emmie, but then they found the perfect family for her!

Kate Wright had just lost one of her pups, and she and her other dog Sapphire were pretty down in the dumps about it all. once Kate heard about Emmie though she was filled with excitement for a new doggo in their lives.

In the beginning, she agreed to foster sweet little Emmie. Kate said:

“I cannot believe how happy and loving this little girl is when she has been so badly treated and let down by humans. She was so skinny and really weak when she arrived here. But she’s a little fighter and has a smashing little character. She’s really made herself at home and loves Saff and my other new foster, Ruby.”

Image Via RSPCA

Emmie loved going on walks with her new family but she would get tired due to her twisted legs. So Kate bought a special sling they can carry her in.

Kate quickly realized that Sapphire and herself needed Emmie in their lives permanently. Sapphire had also gotten really attached to Emmie and the two are now best friends.

So they got the official paper work done, and Emmie was officially apart of the family.

Image Via RSPCA

Kate concluded:

“She’ll never go hungry again and will also have a cozy sofa to curl up on in the evenings. She probably won’t live into old age but she will now have a very happy, healthy life with us for as long as possible.”

Image Via RSPCA