Seriously, How Many Girls Are There In This Picture?

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We hate to drag you into this right now, we really do — especially considering you might not have even recovered from #thedress and #thejacket yet.

But we really cannot suffer through this trauma alone.

Instagram user @tizzia recently uploaded a photo to the popular photo-sharing app that has the Internet in a tizzy.

The question is simple: How many girls are in this photo?

The answer, however, is anything but.

While you may be quick to answer that there are clearly two girls depicted in the image, a closer examination of their bracelets (and their “reflection’s” bracelets) might make you start to second guess yourself.

Then, maybe you’ll start to see four girls … or six …

Before you know it, the very fabric of reality is being torn in two right before your eyes.

What do you think?

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