10 Times J.K. Rowling Was A Badass

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

In honor of the author’s birthday, here is a roundup of all the times J.K. Rowling slayed:

1. When she was the first author to become a billionaire.


2. When she created powerful female role models like Hermione and Ginny.


3. The time she donated an about $160M to charity, striking her status from billionaire to millionaire.


4. When she created the children’s charity, Lumos. It provides health care, education and support to disadvantaged children.

5. The time she slammed down Serena Williams’ troll on Twitter. He said the athlete looked like a man and J.K. had the best response.

6. When she gave a speech at Harvard about the benefits of failure and it was so popular it was turned into a book.

7. Every time she’s kept the Harry Potter legacy alive. She did so by creating Pottermore and tweeting out insights about the world.


8. When she put Westboro Baptist Church in their place after they said they would boycott gay marriage in Ireland.

9. All the times she’s reached out to struggling fans.

10. Finally, when she was a single mother on welfare and wrote one of the greatest book series of all time.


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