9 Health Risks To Look Out For This Summer For Your Dog

Summer is the best when you are a dog owner. You get to go on long walks on the beach and enjoy the warm weather with your best friend. And yes I mean your dog, don’t know where you were heading with that one.

Anyways, while I wish it was all fun and games there are things you need to look out for when you’re hanging outside with your pup. They don’t speak (unless you are Dr. Doolittle) so you have to think about all the things going through their heads.

The following are risks you might want to look out for!

9. Exposure to dangerous chemicals

This first one is a common mistake that people have no idea they are making. When you are putting on sunscreen for yourself this summer, make sure your dog isn’t giving you any kisses. Those kisses could lead to them having diarrhea and vomiting due to the harmful chemicals in sunscreen.


8. Overheating

If you are someone who drives with your dog, please don’t leave them in the car no matter how fast you are going to be. There are two reasons for this, the first is that the dog could overheat and pass out. You wouldn’t want that for your best friend right?

The second reason is a little selfish, but you may encounter some do-gooder thinking they are helping and they will break the car window to help the dog. To combat all of this, just go to dog friendly places or just tell the store that he or she is a service animal.


7. Allergies

Watch out for small irritations for your dog. If they are licking or itching more than usual call your vet and check in with them. You can also try a Benadryl to help the inflamed area go down.


6. Sunburn

I didn’t know this before researching it, but dogs can get sunburn too! According to the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center dogs that are short-haired or have lighter colored fur are more susceptible to this.

Places to look out for are their groin, inner legs and belly. You can even buy special doggy sunscreen!


5. Mosquitoes, ticks and more!

This is a pretty obvious risk to look out for, but some dog owners think it’s okay to skip this medication. If the dog is walking through any type of grass or near puddles it’s imperative to get them tick and flea medication.


4. Fireworks

If your dog doesn’t like loud noises like mine, there’s not much you can do. If you are going out on July 4th, at least try and calm them down by leaving the TV on, leaving out a bunch of treats around the house and you can even purchase a thunder jacket to calm them. It’s a wonder what those things do!


3. Water dangers

If your dog knows how to swim, you still should never leave them unattended in the water. They are just a like a child, you never know what could go wrong.

Also they will be tempted to drink water from the pool, ocean or lake you are at. They can access harmful bacteria through that as well as water entering through their ears.


2. ‘Fights’ with other dogs at the dog park

This is another reason to get them updated on all their medicines. If other owners don’t do it, at least you are to make sure they don’t spread.


1. Untreated cuts and wounds

If they do fight other pups or just get rowdy in general, always check them for open cuts. If they go untreated, they could get infected just like human.


Now you have the knowledge to go and conquer the summer like the dog pro you are!