Guy Sit’s In On His Mom’s Fourth Grade Classroom And Receives The Most Amazing Questions From Them

Recently, Slade Sohmer went and visited his mom during National Appreciation Week as well as Mother’s Day. It’s a pretty powerful double holiday if you are lucky enough to be in the middle of that Venn diagram.

Anyways, Slade (which by the way is the coolest name ever) sat in on his mom’s fourth grade classroom and was blown away by what some of them have to say. They were really excited to meet him and honestly I’d love to have every celebrity interview done with children instead of a boring interview person any day.

Pretty sure I just came up with a new show. I’ll just let you read…

People had some good follow-up questions too…

And people didn’t forget about mom!

What a beautiful story, and one that deserves to go viral!

He also spoke to Buzzfeed and said:

I think it serves to show there is no one grand Coming Out, that we are constantly coming out, or probably more accurately, letting people in to our lives. One other takeaway: This isn’t about indoctrination or pushing an agenda, that was a simple answer to a simple question, and it’s a great reminder that homophobia is passed-down learned behavior.

He went onto say:

“I’m thankful that these kids hadn’t learned it. They couldn’t have cared less about who I choose to live my life with.”

A few more responses included:

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