Off-Duty Police Officer Disarms And Kills Robber When He Tries To Rob A Group Of Moms And Daughters

This past weekend when we were all celebrating Mother’s Day, there was a mother really deserving all the praise ever. Instead of eating a delicious brunch of Eggs Benedict, she was disarming a robber and it might be the most badass move of the year.

Meet 42-year-old Katia da Silva Sastre. She is a military police officer that has two children and last Saturday she was hanging out with her daughter amidst a bunch of other mothers and daughters.

They were all at Ferreira Master, which is a school in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Many families were waiting outside for a Mother’s Day party to begin.

Image Via LiveLeak

A woman points in the direction of the shooter and then he comes into frame. Corporal Sastre quickly jumped into action firing her own concealed weapon three times as the shooter pointed the gun at the children and moms.

The man, later identified as Elivelton Neves Moreira, died later when he got to the hospital from his gunshot wounds. Guess he shouldn’t been wearing that unlucky number 13 hoodie.

Take a look at the entire encounter here. It really happened in the blink of an eye.

The next day which was appropriately Mother’s Day, Sastre was honored by the Governor of Sao Paolo, Márcio França. He wrote on Twitter:

“I went earlier to the 4th BAEP in the east of Sao Paulo to honour a very special mother: Corporal Katia Sastre.

Her courage and precision saved mothers and children, yesterday at the door of a school.”

Sastre actually talked to Folha de Sao Paulo and said this (which is translated):

“I didn’t know if he was going to shoot the kids or the mothers or the security guard at the school door.

I just thought about defending the mums, the children, my own life and my daughter’s.

I had to act quickly to end his aggression and prevent him from harming anyone. I reverted to the training I have received in the corporation.

It’s gratifying to have been in the right place to have saved all our lives.”

Image Via Youtube

Apparently this family is full of badasses because her husband who is a military police lieutenant said this about the incident:

“The suspect’s gun fired once, but it is not known whether or not it was before Katia fired.

The first shot ricocheted and got lost. On his second attempt at firing, the weapon locked. Thankfully she was faster than him, because when a thug discovers (their opponent) is a police officer, he shoots to kill.

In our profession we must always be attentive. She is calm and knows that she acted correctly. Everything ended fine.

It would be a risk if he had searched her before and found out she is a cop.”


I feel like this is a more gang-related Brazil thing, but yeah it’s amazing to see how quickly she acted. Don’t think anyone will be messing with this school when Sastre is around!