Post Office Worker Finds An Unexpected Four-Legged Package

If you were to work at the Post Office you would expect to find some pretty weird stuff in the mail. They always ask you if what you are sending is on their “Do Not Fly” list but people lie everyday.

I think when Patricia Polites went to work in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, last week this was the last thing she expected to see.

She was working her morning shift when a customer knocked on the door to tell her there was a little black Chihuahua in the corner of the post office. He was all alone, shivering and had no identifying tags.

Patricia spoke to The Dodo and said:

“He was so scared, but the sweetest little thing. I went to reach for him and he didn’t jump or anything. So I picked him up, and he just put his head on my shoulder and cried. It was the saddest thing.”

Image Via Patricia Polites

She took the scared little pup to her office and gave him food and water. She went to look for an owner but they were no where to be found. I don’t think she meant this in a mean way, but she said:

“He looks like a fruit bat. He’s got these big bug eyes. He was all bones.”

Patricia posted photos on social media, and she waited for Hound Hunters of NEPA to come. She probably shouldn’t have done that because she had an outcry of people wanting to take the little Chihuahua.

Image Via Christine Cahill

She went onto say:

“We’ve had people coming in all morning, asking if they could have the dog, because they saw him online. We had people that morning, while we were waiting for Hound Hunters to come, walking in and asking, ‘Can we take the dog?’ and I was like, ‘No, you can’t.’”

Christine Cahill of Hound Hunters eventually showed up. She along with her daughter gave the pup an appropriate name of ‘Batman.’

She also spoke to The Dodo saying:

“The first day he was scared and didn’t show much emotion at all but, by the next morning, he was happy-go-lucky, wagging [his] tail, following us around and just wanting to be picked up and loved.”

Image Via Patricia Polites

They took him to the vet and they found out poor little Batman had alopecia which made him lose almost all the fur on his ears. He also had super dry skin and another condition called luxating patella which gives Batman trouble walking.

Christine said:

“[He] is so lucky someone tried to do right by him, (albeit the wrong way) and didn’t just dump him in the middle of nowhere like so many other dogs.”

Image Via Christine Cahill

Christine got over 600 messages across all platforms due to Batman’s viral postings. But they were all for nothing because she knew who the pup would be getting adopted by.

Christine said:

“My daughter had a Chihuahua that passed away a few years ago. When I saw Batman, I knew she would be the perfect one to foster him. It took her one second to say she was adopting him if no owner claimed him.”

Image Via Christine Cahill

So the mandatory 5 day hold on Batman came and went and that was that. Batman was officially part of the Cahill family!

Image Via Christine Cahill

She concluded:

“I was shocked at how many calls, texts, PMs and emails I got to adopt him. I just wish all those people would go to shelters and adopt! It’s really sad that one tiny dog has so much interest while so, so many sit in shelters.”