After Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her, This Girl Lost Over 50 Pounds

There’s nothing better than sweet sweet revenge. It doesn’t matter if it’s against the guy that just cut you off in traffic or some terrible cheating (ex)boyfriend. This slice of revenge is best served with a salad, and you’ll learn shortly what that means…

Shanai Martin had just broken up with her boyfriend after she found out he had cheated on her. She told Unilad:

“So I was with my boyfriend for three years, I found out he had cheated on me and planned dates with another girl he met in Cardiff, I was heartbroken!

I had a four-week trip to Thailand booked with him a few days later so we still went as friends but after that, I just tried my best to get over it.”

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Honestly I think she’s a hero for going to Thailand with him. I would have cut off all contact if someone ever did that to me. Or I’d go with the cheater just to find someone to get with while on the trip.

Image Via Twitter And Unilad

She went onto say:

“I suffer with mental illness after my father’s suicide so it was a big knock on my mental health. I lost my appetite completely but also started doing things like walking to work etc just little things really.

I found myself being way more active and the weight just kind of dropped off, a stress thing I think it must have been?

I believe it’s a healer and I never thought I’d get over him, but I’m with someone 10 times better than him now who treats me a lot better and I’m so much happier in myself!”

So she then tweeted, “9 months later and 4 stone down. Big thanks to my cheating ex for providing the motivation for a glo up.”

Image Via Twitter And Unilad

Her post has since gotten 120 favorites and 14k retweets. So it’s safe to say she’s way better off without him, and the weight she’s lost. Honestly I though about titling this post with the addition of “losing 250 pounds” because she lost the dead weight of that boyfriend.

She continued to say:

“When I was fat I had zero confidence, now it’s still hard to feel confident about myself but I definitely feel a lot better than I did before, and a lot healthier as well.

To any other girl, i would say that at the time, when he breaks your heart it feels like it’s the end of the world, but just keep your head up and remember the pain is temporary, and although it doesn’t feel it, in six months you’ll look back and laugh at how heartbroken you were. Trust me!”

Image Via Twitter And Unilad

She hasn’t heard from the boyfriend since the breakup but I think it’s safe to say she’s doing way better than he ever will be.