Strange 20 Foot Hairy Sea Creature Washes Ashore And Locals Had No Clue What It Was

Whenever I hear of strange creatures washing up on the shore, I always think of Cloverfield. I know it’s not similar at all, but when it comes to strange creatures it’s my go-to.

Now it doesn’t seem like a whole town in the Philippines is being ransacked by a monstrous sea creature…but it could just randomly come alive and rampage the city. Okay I might be watching too many Godzilla movies, but we shall see…

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Anyways, it seems that villagers in the Oriental Mindoro province of the Philippines were thinking just that the other day.

Image Via Viral Press

According to The Mirror, people that first saw it said it smelled awful, and it was like ‘something from another planet.’

Vincent Dela Pena Badillo who was a bystander when it first washed up, said:

“Many were alarmed, including me, when we learned the news about it. It has been told that when creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean start appearing, something bad will happen.”

Image Via Viral Press

It seems that people don’t believe in logic in the Philippines because another person, Tam Maling, said:

“An earthquake is heading for Oriental Mindoro. The big globster is a sign of something bad coming. Please pray for us.”

If I was to guess what this really was, I’d have to say it was one of those creatures from “Where The Wild Things Are.”


Lastly, Imelda Mariz who is a mother of two, brought her children to see the ‘spectacle’ saying:

“I couldn’t believe what it was, I’ve never seen anything like it. In God’s name, I was shocked. The children were scared it was a dead monster. Nobody knows what it is yet.”

Image Via Viral Press

Officials from Dinagat Islands, Philippines said that last February they had a similar scenario. It was 4 feet wide at one end and 2 feet wide at the other end and they thought it was also peculiar. At the end of the day though they concluded that it was an Orca whale or a manatee.

Image Via Viral Press

Vox Krusada who is a police officer for the local fishery there said:

“Today we just gathered a sample of it for further analysis.

For now we can say it’s a whale, but the exact species is still unknown. The tissue samples are now sent to our lab for DNA analysis.

The local government of Gloria will now bury the carcass. And damn it smells awful. It smells like something from another planet.

I really experienced the full power of its smell because i’m the one who took the tissue samples. I almost puked. I felt better after taking a bath but the stench still lingers in my nose.”

Take a look below at the video and decide for yourself. Sound off in the Facebook comments if you think this is an other-worldly creature…or just a dang whale.