6 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Cash

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

If your funds are running low, there are plenty of options to make some extra cash. These odd jobs might not be common, but they are easy and might be right up your alley.

1. Blood and plasma

This vital bodily fluid can be donated to local blood banks for money. Places like Biomat USA offer up to $60 per plasma donation.


2. Chop off you hair

Cutting your locks can get you fast cash. You can easily make $1,000 by selling it to companies like hairsellon.com.


3. Love animals?

Become a pet sitter or a dog walker by signing up at petsitter.com. Who wouldn’t want to get paid just for playing with someone’s puppy?


4. Rent out your room

Leasing out your place while you’re on vacation is easy and can help cover the cost. Over 2 million people rent out their rooms at Airbnb.com.


5. Flip cheap items on eBay

Buying those cheap baseball cards at yard sales are so worth the 25 cents. Re-sell your cheap antiques on Ebay.com for more than what you bought them for. int condition Barbies can go up to $300.


6. Love to make arts and crafts?

Sell your handmade mugs and other items online. You can open up your own boutique on websites, like Etsy.com.


You might not want to quit your day job, but these tips can help you make a little extra cash on the side.

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