9 Smart Home Gadgets That Can Help Increase Your Property Value

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A recent survey of 100,000 first-time millennial homebuyers found that 28 percent of respondents valued smart home technology as their biggest priority when purchasing a property.

Another survey conducted by Wakefield Research found that the same was true for rentals — 86 percent of millennials were willing to spend more money renting a place with smart home technology. And it’s not just millennials who are embracing the trend. Sixty-five percent of baby boomers are also willing to spend more on a “smart” rental.

As smart home tech becomes more and more ubiquitous, you can bet that smart homes will become the new standard. And in addition to boosting your home’s market value, adding automated systems like smart thermostats and controllable blinds can slash energy costs for both your family and your future homebuyer.

Make sure your home is in the running with these nine worthwhile upgrades:

1. USB outlets
Something as simple as installing a USB outlet can bring your home into the future. This feature has become increasingly more popular through the years — and while it’s not a make it or break it amenity, it’s definitely a nice perk for under $30.


2. Smart thermostat
If you haven’t purchased a Nest or something comparable, you may be among the last on your curb to do so. For just $250, you can install a smart thermostat to help optimize your home’s temperature based on your daily habits. In addition to being desirable among homebuyers, a smart thermostat can save you around $173 a year.


3. Smart lighting

Incorporating smart technology in your home can help you — and your future homebuyer — cut your energy bill. Dimming and sensor systems can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone and can result in annual savings of 60 percent.


4. Smart security systems

Modern, controllable security systems can provide an added layer of security to your home — and added value, too.


5. Smart locks

Keypad or fob access to your home can be a major perk, especially for families. But some models even let you lock or unlock your door remotely via smartphone and alert you when someone is coming and going — great for sneaky teens and unwanted intruders.


6. Motorized blinds and shades

While controllable shades can be pretty pricey, turning regular blinds into motorized ones is a great affordable option.


7. Built-in speakers

Installing built-in speakers is a relatively simply task, but it sure beats unnecessary wires and countertop gadgets that clutter your home.


8. Smart appliances

Scores of home appliances on the market right now feature WiFi connectivity which can allow you to control appliances from your smartphone. You can schedule hot water for you coffee or start your dryer cycle later in the day, so your clothes don’t wrinkle.


9. Automatic sprinkler system

An automatic irrigation system can help you grow healthier plants and grass with a longer lifespan. Plus, well-manicured landscapes are proven to increase your property’s appraised value.


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