Lava Almost Trapped These Two Little Pups But They Were Miraculously Rescued

If you haven’t heard, Hawaii’s volcanoes have been erupting at an alarming rate. So much so, that Carol Hosley has lost her home and all possessions amidst the destruction from the Kilauea. The bigger problem though, was that her dogs Brus and Little Dude had ran away and she couldn’t find them.

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Carol had to evacuate her house ten days ago due to the deadly fumes of sulfur dioxide from the volcano. The firemen woke her up at 2 AM and made she she got to safety.

She quickly gathered some belongings, not knowing if she would ever see her home again, and looked for her dogs who were very scared as well.

Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue

The only problem was, Brus was a rescue dog and had a bad past with men. Once the firemen opened the door, Brus bolted out and Little Dude followed him out the door. Aloha Ilio Rescue said in a statement on Facebook:

“[The firemen] weren’t willing to wait. And she is in her 70s. She had to leave.”

Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue

Daylynn Kyles who is the president of Aloha Ilio Rescue found about Carol’s predicament and headed a rescue effort to find the two doggos. Volunteers looked throughout the neighborhood while the lava kept advancing.

Their Facebook post continued on:

“We left a crate and food for him. There are fresh footprints, his size, on Luana Street in the mud. If you see him PM us. Women only. He is terrified of life as it is … men sends him over the top.”

Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue

They kept searching and still couldn’t find the dogs. Ten days past and still nothing but they kept going telling Hawaii News Now:

“We’ve been looking for him for 10 days, and we’ve just kept going back.”

Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue

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Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue

Eventually though, they found them!

“Please circulate this post. He was stuck behind a fence and in the forest. These two ladies are the BOMB! Speaking of bombs, the sounds in there today was SCARY! Boom! boom!”

Kyles told Hawaii News Now:

“They were stuck behind a fence, and couldn’t get out because of the lava that surrounded them. It was crazy. We just knew this dog was probably just terrified.”

Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue

Hosley concluded to Hawaii News Now:

“I’m just thrilled to death, I just couldn’t be happier. The other stuff is stuff, but I got the dogs.”

Check out their Facebook page and donate if you can, with this influx of saving dogs they need all the help they can get!

Image Via Aloha Ilio Rescue