Poor Older Dog Was Abandoned On Someone’s Lawn With A Pleading Note

Whenever there are older dogs at shelters, my heart melts. It’s so hard for anyone to adopt older dogs since you know you won’t have much time with them.

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An senior dog was abandoned on a neighbor’s lawn in Fayetteville, Georgia and it was the saddest thing ever. The dogs name is Reese and she’s a 13-year-old dachshund mix. The note read:

“[I] hope whoever gets this please take care of my dog. I love her so much bit I don’t have time for her. She likes soft food and she likes real food but I don’t give it to her cuz she throws up…I wish I didn’t have to do this but I have 4 kids and no time for her.”

Image Via Royal Animal Refuge

The woman who lived at the home where Reese was dropped off brought her in, but she couldn’t keep her for long. She posted about Reese in a Facebook group and eventually the Royal Animal Refuge was contacted to come save poor Reese.

Here’s exactly what the note said:

Image Via Royal Animal Refuge

The director over at the Refuge, Mariel Weigand, told The Dodo:

“When we heard about it, obviously we were upset. But at the same time, we thought, ‘Maybe they just didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.’ One of our animal control facilities does not take surrenders, so it makes it very hard when you can’t find a rescue, and you don’t have anywhere to go.”

Image Via Royal Animal Refuge

Eventually Reese wound up in the care of Robyn Klein, a seasoned pro when it comes to taking care of elderly dogs. Klein didn’t have to take care of Reese for long though, because her mother fell in love with Reese instantly.

Mariel continued to say:

“[Klein’s] mom is an older lady … and she just recently lost her baby [dog] a few months ago, so she stepped up to foster. Robyn said her mom is so in love with Reese already.”

Image Via Royal Animal Refuge

Normally when we cover a story and people’s goal was to originally foster that doesn’t happen. This is more of the same too thankfully! Reese was officially adopted by Klein’s mom and the two are living happily ever after together.

Image Via Royal Animal Refuge

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Image Via Royal Animal Refuge