Scary Reason You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

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If you’re a dog lover, then you know there’s nothing sweeter than your pup cuddling up in your lap and giving you some smooches. They’re showing you their love, and just want some attention in return!


We’ve always heard that our dog’s tongue is cleaner than the toilet, right?

Well, not exactly. Doctors are urging pet owners to avoid these kisses for a few very scary reasons.


Dogs are always getting into some trouble. They eat things that they shouldn’t be eating and then bring those germs back into your house and right on your face.

According to a top veterinarian, E. Coli may be sitting right on your dog’s tongue. Other common diseases that can be transmitted from Fido are ringworms, staph infections and MRSA. Scary stuff!


In general, these diseases won’t hurt you if some slobber ends up on your hand. But since your lips, eyes and nose don’t have nearly as much protection, you should be careful with where your dog’s saliva ends up.


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