Dad Live Tweets His Daughter’s School Trip Which Went Hilariously Wrong The Whole Time

Some parents have to chaperone their child’s school events. For some reason my mother always chaperoned and it was the absolute worst. She must have been way better at parenting though, because this Dad was driven insane by the amount of shenanigans that went on during his daughter’s school trip.

Simon Smith is a dad that was just trying to help out his daughter’s class, but he found out the hard way how bad teachers have it sometimes. It all started out with one Tweet, which snowballed into many, many more.

It all started before he even got on the bus…

Perfect gif reaction for that nonsense. Let’s take a look at some of the more crazy tweets:

And then the jokes started to come…or maybe real farts because of the lunches?

Yep real ones…

Now that sounds like something that kid will brag about in college.

And then the conversations that were going on were real…interesting?

Now remember all that garbage just happened ON THE BUS. Now that they were there, there was more nonsense to be had by these children from hell.

The conversations just kept getting better…

And of course they were still complaining…

He concluded with a:

So the real question is, would you do this?