9 Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Anymore Now That She’s In The Royal Family

Meghan Markle has officially become a member of the Royal Family. Yes if you didn’t know and were living under a rock, on May 19th her and Prince Harry tied the knot.

Now she has to follow a particular set of rules because unlike Lorde, she is Royal now. Below are some of the things she will have to stop for the rest of her life. Well that, or until these super ancient rules are changed.

9. Say goodbye to selfies!


But first…yeah no more selfies. The Queen despises cell phone photography apparently. The only selfies you will find of Meghan are before she met Harry, and even those have been deleted because she’s not allowed on social media!

8. Cover those legs up!


This is one of the biggest rules from Queen Elizabeth. Meghan received a lot of flack for the couple’s newly engaged photos, but how was she supposed to know! I bet she will never make that mistake again!

7. It’s time to retire from her last job


Markle has already done this, and has since left the popular TV show, “Suits.” She spoke to the BBC about this saying, “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change. It’s a new chapter.”

6. No more autographs


The reason for this one? It seems the royal family is afraid of forgeries and how they could be used against them. Seems a bit odd for 2018, with things like science but oh well…

5. She can’t vote


There is no hard law that says she can’t vote, but the parliament website says, “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.”

She also won’t be a British citizen for at least a few more years to boot.

4. Her bedtime might be getting later…


This is one of Queen Elizabeth’s weird policies. It seems that anyone that is staying in the Buckingham Palace can’t go to bed before the Queen. She goes to bed a Midnight too, so if Meghan ever wants to stay at the Palace she might want to sleep in too.

3. She can never go alone anywhere ever again


This is a pretty obvious one since she is a high(er) profile celebrity now. She has been rocking some very high detail security ever since the couple’s engagement.

2. No more…monopoly?


It’s not like anyone REALLY loves the game of Monopoly, but it’s one of the things Meghan will never get to play again. The Telegraph reported that Prince Andrew once brought a game of Monopoly to the headquarters of the Leeds Building Society because The Queen doesn’t allow it back home.

I guess they should get to know how to play some other household ending games like Life or Sorry!

1. Lastly, no more PDAs


In the couple’s engagement photos, they were pictured holding hands, which was as much as we will ever see it seems. Royal etiquette doesn’t dictate anything specifically on this one, but we haven’t seen Prince William and Kate making out for a reason.