The Internet Sounded Off About The Most Cringeworthy Things Men Have Done On Dates And WOW

Before I go into a rant that says that men are the worst, let me say that just overall people are the worst. Sadly in our society the bad out weigh the good and it’s just a huge disappointment. So before you say that all men suck, perhaps all crappy people suck. Because that’s the truth. There are good people and bad people and this post is about some crazy dudes that shouldn’t be in contact with any other human being.

It all started when a blogger named Oloni asked this question, and I have a feeling she knew exactly what she was doing…

It’s safe to say the responses were epic:

This woman was held captive…

Then we have a dreamer

A late show up turned into some creepy questioning

This man spent years studying the blade

*inserts crying emoji*

Don’t mess with a woman and her love for Beyoncé

This might be the top cringeworthy one ever, and it wasn’t even a date

This girl had more balls than her guy

An over-concerned ex…

Another insecure dude, I mean come on why do guys have to give us all a bad name!?

A guy that was super in touch with his feelings

And another who had a shot clock on his dates…

And lastly this cheapass…

Well I sure hope none of you have ever had to experience that awfulness! If you have, let me know in the comments!