Here’s What The Internet Says Are The 11 Best Youtube Videos In History

What would we do in a world without Youtube? I feel like it was the original place where the internet started to get weird. Yeah you can tell me about some weird niche that started getting weird first, maybe like EBaums World or something, but Youtube began the mainstream weirdness.

It began on February 14, 2005, so that means we have 13 years of weirdness to look into. Recently the other weird corner of the internet, Reddit, asked the question, “What would you consider the greatest video of Youtube history?”

There was great debate, but the upvotes didn’t lie and honestly I have to agree with them. Some don’t have the most views, but when Reddit talks, we should listen. So let’s take a look at some of the greatest videos in history and sound off in the comments if you agree or not.

11. Politician Heckled, Ben Konop Boo Liar Boo

10. Wimpy Goat


8. how is prangent formed

7. John Cena Prank Call

6. Spirit Science 12 ~ The Hidden Human History Movie

5. Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

4. Clarke and Dawe – The Front Fell Off

3. Grapefruit Technique

2. Motherfuckin’ Bootleg Fireworks (Funny Subtitle Version)

1. David Blaine Street Magic Part 2