Florida Woman Shaves Her Legs At A Public Pool As Children Swim By

There can be some pretty nasty stuff in and around public pools. Depending on where you are in the world you could find a disgusting toddler, a bandaid or even something like a dead animal. You never know, especially in the busy summer time. Sadly all of those things would be better than what this public pool had to endure.


This video of a woman shaving her legs has gone viral since it was posted to the subreddit /r/trashy. That’s exactly what it is and does it even surprise you anymore that this is happening in Florida?

She must have forgotten to do this at home so the next best bet was to do that POOL SIDE?! This seems like a deleted scene from Impractical Jokers or something really. Take a look for yourself.

Lady shaves legs in hotel pool from r/trashy

Those poor children are floating around in their inflatables and have no clue that they have a disgusting person right next to them. At first maybe you thought she was just itching her leg. But no way, she has a razor and she dipped it into the pool. Great.

People proceeded to destroy her in the comment section:

“That is so f***ing disgusting. Imagine the inadvertent gulp of water that sometimes happens when you’re swimming.. with all the shaved hair in it. Grossssssssssss.”

“This is the kind of person that if you asked her to quit shaving her legs in the pool, she would snap off at you for telling her to stop.”


And then there was this genius idea and perhaps the plot of a Black Mirror episode.

“People should get like…social demerits for doing shitty things in public. And after you rack up a certain number of them, your suspended from certain public places for a period of time.

Shave your legs in a pool? Demerit.

Don’t shut up during a movie? Demerit.

Can’t control your shitty kids in the grocery store? Demerit.

Name your kid something stupid like Jaxon or Kaytlynne or Yoga? Instant suspension and a fine.”


Just when we all came off a relaxing holiday weekend, we have to endure this woman. Honestly I don’t know which Florida woman is worse, this shaving legs woman or this insane woman that sent 65,000 texts to this guy that she went on one date with…

Either way, this prompted Reddit users to name some other weird things they have seen at a public pool…

“I used to life guard at a YMCA and saw poop, puke, and a dude bust’n a nut watching an aerobics class so figured I’ve seen it all until this video.

If public pools have taught me anything, it’s that people are disgusting animals.”


“I ran a pool company for 7 years. I’ve cleaned shit out a number of times. Somehow this is more disgusting to me.”

“A guy did that while I was swimming in the pool at 24 hour fitness. I cancelled my membership and never came back. A rep called me a week later to ask why I cancelled and if there was anything she could do. I said a man was shaving his face in the pool while I was swimming in it. The line went totally silent for a few seconds then all she said was “Oh.” I was like, “Yeah.” She was so baffled and dumbfounded she didn’t even try to retain me as a customer. She apologized, said she’d note it in the system and told me to take care. She sounded embarrassed for even calling me.”


People are weird. So dang weird.