Happiest Puppy Ever Will Be Forever Grateful After Rescuers Found Her In A Tire

When workers in Memphis, Tennessee found this puppy, she wasn’t in the best of shapes. She was too scared of them to let them touch her, but she was smiling hard and was happy for the help.

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They posted images online to get the word out to see if anyone recognized the puppy that wasn’t looking to good after spending a good amount of time outside.

Image Via Streetdog Foundation

Michelle Quina, who is the foster coordinator for Streetdog Foundation, heard about the little pup and knew they had to help. She told The Dodo:

“We went out there and she was curled up on the side of the road on a little pink blanket. She was just a little peanut. We went to go get her and she sprinted back to the tires and hid inside, but from there we were finally able to catch her.”

Image Via Streetdog Foundation

After rescuing her on Panama Street, they appropriately named her Panama. She was still constantly smiling after her saviors came. Quina took Panama straight to the vet to see what exactly was going on with her.

The vet concluded that Panama had demodex mange as well as worms. Quina took it upon herself to take care of Panama and to nurse her through her illnesses. Since it wasn’t contagious, the two went to Quina’s home where she had a bunch of other pups.

Image Via Streetdog Foundation

Quina continued to say:

“She’s still very itchy and is losing hair, but she doesn’t let that get her down. She’s been the most happy-go-lucky dog ever. She loves other dogs, cats, people, toys … She’s a really good dog.”

Panama is only 14 weeks old but she was potty trained and knew a few tricks, so Quina suspects she was once someone’s pet.

Image Via Streetdog Foundation

Quina suspected that Panama’s mange got so bad that her previous owners didn’t want to deal with it and eventually dumped her where the workers found her. She’s getting it taken care of though, going to the vet every few days to get a fun medicated bath.

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Once she’s ready, Panama will be ready for a foster-to-adopt program. She will still need medication so her new forever home will have to put in the work.

Image Via Streetdog Foundation

Quina concluded:

“She’s got a lot of personality for such a little girl. She won’t have any trouble finding the perfect home.”

If you want to find more about the Streetdog Foundation, you can donate to them here or take a look at their Facebook here!

Image Via Streetdog Foundation