How Criminals Find Your Information On Facebook

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Your innocent online activity has given criminals all the information they need to steal your identity. Social media has become a virtual playground thieves who want your personal information.


Just by perusing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts, people can have all sorts of information that you would not otherwise think of giving to someone.

Do you love all of the Happy Birthday messages you receive on Facebook? Well, you’ve just given your real birth date to someone who may want to open an account in your name.


Are you proud of the new home you’ve purchased and want to share a picture? By showing the house number, your true address may have just been shared with those who you would not want driving up to your door.

A resume on LinkedIn could bring a new employer, but sharing your telephone number may also bring someone one step closer to stealing your identity and financial future.


In the last year, 85% of frauds occurred online. Simple information like your full name and workplace can make you an easy target.

Protect yourself with user names and passwords that do not include personal information, and be cautious about posting any identifying information.


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