Study Finds That This One Thing Can Trigger The Most Stress Along With Skin Problems

A study was done across the pond in England that is saying that money issues can lead to the most stress and cause skin breakouts and such. The study was conducted by Garnier PureActive and they used millennials aged 18-34.

The kicker of the study was that these individuals were strapped down by student debt. This then led their results to find that they would be stressed out more and have skin complications. You mean people that aren’t worrying at every waking second are less stressed? I don’t think a fancy science survey needed to be done to find that out!


The study was pretty large, taking data from 2,000 adults. They also found that people that have had skin problems for over 14 years is just the norm to them. They don’t even try to take care of it.

Dr. Justine Kluk was the Consulting Dermatologist on the study and she said:

“From money worries to work woes, stress has a proven negative impact on our skin.

It alters the immune functions of the skin which may lead to increased oil production, pore-clogging and bacteria-causing breakouts.

It also impacts our emotions, sleep, the dietary choices we make and likelihood to touch our skin. All of these further trigger spots and flare-ups.”


Money was the number one cause of stress and that was followed by people worrying about their place of work as well as the health of you and your friends and family. That main millennial bracket stressed about money an average of 5.6 times a week. If we compared this to people that are 35 years old and older, we would find they only worry about money 3.6 times per week.

Garnier PureActive is smart though and are creating a huge giveaway contest that’s going on till June 5th. They will be giving away 50k to help these stressed out individuals and thus helping their skin clear up too!


The General Manager for Garnier, Charlotte Blanchard had this to say about the contest:

“For a large majority of us, money stresses can exacerbate problem skin.

At Garnier PureActive we have a responsibility to address the nation’s skin troubles in new and innovative ways.

In addition to our range of products designed specifically to help tackle skin concerns and breakouts in adults, we’ll be going a step further to support our consumers, by paying off one lucky person’s student loan.”


What are other top causes of stress? A 2016 survey from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health titled The Workplace and Health, said that work was a common reason for stress. 43% of the people surveyed agreed with this fact.

Other reasons for stress for adults includes thinking about unexpected expenses, being able to pay for retirement as well as being able to pay for health insurance. We can only suspect that that last one has gone up since ObamaCare was brought down.


Either way if you are trying to get over your stress, get outside! Jay Lee, M.D., who is a physician at Kaiser Permanente had to say this about that fact:

“Being outdoors is generally associated with activity, and being physically active keeps joints loose and helps with chronic pain and stiffness!”