Puppy Found Abandoned In A Park And Was Covered In Marker

Here’s a quick PSA. Dogs are not whiteboards or pieces of paper, crazy idea right? Well whoever left this poor sweet dog in a park alone needs to learn this right away! Or maybe they should never be allowed to have a dog again.

People found a dog locked in a cage with no note or anything. They did find communication via sharpie on her fur and it’s the saddest thing to look at. It was apparent she had been abandoned, with sayings like “Free” and “Good home only.” If the sayings couldn’t get any more ironic, another one said “I am a gift from God” which was written on her side.

Image Via Ross County Humane Society

The people who found her got in touch with the police and the Ross County Humane Society came to the rescue. Monica Denney who is the kennel manager was surprised to what she saw.

She told The Dodo:

“We were all pretty stunned about it. I’ve worked here for three years and have seen quite a lot of terrible things … but I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Image Via Ross County Humane Society

Even though she was covered in marker, she appeared to be in good health. They named the sweet pup, Marvella, which is French for miracle. It makes sense you know, since she’s a gift from God…

Image Via Ross County Humane Society

The staff at Ross County Humane Society scrubbed Marvella with some dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and were able to get that awful marker off. So that’s what you need to use if you ever have that problem.

At first Marvella was shy, but she eventually warmed up to the staff when she figured out they were her saviors. This cute pup is ready for adoption and staff thinks it won’t be long till she finds her forever home.

Denney continued on to say:

“It’s literally crazy how many applications have come in for her already. She’s a really sweet, friendly dog. She didn’t deserve to be left like that. No animal does.”

Image Via Ross County Humane Society

Denney concluded:

“At first we were like, ‘What kind of person would do this?’ I think maybe they didn’t think we would end up with the dog and share her story so widely like we have. People from all across the country know about her now.”


She’s been saved! Ross County wrote on their Facebook:

“Ross County Humane Society is pleased to update everyone that Marvella, the dog found in Yoctangee Park abandoned with permanent marker writing on her, has been adopted! After sorting through the hundreds of applications we received from across the nation, Linette Wrightsel and her family will be giving Marvella a loving and stable home.

We would like to thank Brothers Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning for donating to cover her adoption fee as well as the entire public who has donated to her care! Please remember that in any shelter on any given day there are dogs who have been given away as “free to good home” and are awaiting their forever home, just like Marvella. Please support your local animal shelters and adopt, don’t shop.”

Image Via Ross County Humane Society