Your Water Bottle Has As Much Bacteria As Your Toilet

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We use water bottles everywhere, whether it be at the gym, at work or on the go.

But reusable water bottles carry more germs than your dog’s chew toys, according to a new study.

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‘Treadmill Reviews’ had athletes use different types of reusable water bottles for a week, without washing them.


These bottles were swabbed for bacteria and were compared to swabs from germ-loving items, like kitchen sinks and dog bowls.

The final results were gross.

The average water bottle had 313,499 colony-forming units per square centimeter.


That’s 313,499 moisture-loving bacteria cells on one bottle.

The average pet toy only has only 2,937 CFU.

A kitchen sink has 3,191, and even a dog bowl has less than a water bottle with 37,383 CFU.

If you still choose to carry a water bottle, straw-top bottles proved the best with just 25 CFU. However, that’s only 2 CFU less than the average home toilet seat.


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