Fireman Leans Out A Window And Makes A Miracle Catch After A Woman Attempted Suicide

Firemen are some of the best people in the world I think. They literally run into burning buildings and don’t get the recognition they should for it. Recently a fireman was “just doing his job” but was doing way more than that.

A video was posted on Facebook via a Latvian fire service and it’s catching fire but on the internet. The firefighter, who’s name is Tomass Jaunzems, had gotten to the scene and had heard a woman was sitting on an above ledge, contemplating suicide.


In the below video, you can see Tomass lean out and prepare to catch the woman. Another firefighter held him so he had a base to catch her.

He spoke to Skaties, a local news company and this is what he had to say (which is translated):

“The second order was for me – go to the third floor. If anything, try to capture this woman, if she decides to jump.”

I can picture him saying that so nonchalantly too. Yeah just go to that floor and be ready to save a literal human life. Just another day in the life of a bad ass firefighter.


The firefighter group also released a statement and this is how it was translated:

“During the weekend, the VUGD received a call to a multi-apartment building where there was a suspicion that a person was going to jump through the fourth floor window. When arriving at the scene, firefighters rescuers realised that if they were trying to get into the apartment, one would most likely jump over the window.

Thanks to the neighbours’ response, firefighter rescuers could enter the floor in the apartment below and prepare to grab this person in a fall. While one firefighter rescuer was waiting for a fall at the window, the other ensured that the interceptors could rescue the falling person firmly. Meanwhile, firefighters with mountaineering equipment tried to access people on the sill from the roof of the building, but the rescuers noticed that human hands had fallen and dropped.”

Image Via Facebook

People commented on the Facebook video with praise and amazement, here are a few excerpts:

“Unreal! I thought it was impossible – to catch up like this! 😮 all due respect – well done!”

“Heroes! 👍💜 is complex, and dangerous profession. Saved a man’s life.”

“I can’t believe what I saw, firefighters are just fantastic people, they deserve that atlgojumu received by members and members get it by firefighters!!!”


The Minister of The Interior, Oskars Abolins, commended his actions according to Vecernji saying:

“Our work is very important, and the aspect of courage is one of the key. The firefighter showed great selflessness and dedication to work and everything he wanted for a fire brigade. He was thinking outside the box in difficult conditions and he was able to save another’s life.”

Amazing right?! It sounds like all the heroes involved will be rewarded in someway, but it hasn’t been decided at this time.