Here’s The List Of All The New Emojis Including Red Heads So The Internet Is Rejoicing

Emojis are a big part of our lives. I don’t know about you but I use them way too often and I feel like a fourteen year old kid when I do it too much. But does it matter? Nope! And it’s going to be even harder to not use them with over 150 new emojis coming to your thumbs.

I’m just hoping that this new update won’t inspire the minds behind the Emoji Movie to make another one…

Anyways we have some necessary new emojis such as the redheads, baldheads (sorry if that’s not cool?), and super villains. Then we have some super weird and outrageous ones like microbes, badgers and lotion bottles. Here are a few favorites as well as a video from the official Emojipedia account.

17. Hot Face and Cold Face

16. Pleading Face

15. Partying Face

14. Woozy Face and Smiling Face with Three Four Hearts

13. Red heads

12. Bald heads

11. White Haired

10. Curly Hair

9. Supervillains

…and then we get into the weird world of non face emojis

8. Microbe

7. Mosquito and Parrot

6. Racoon and Swan

5. Hippopotamus and Llama

4. Leafy green, cupcake and bagel

3. Jig-saw, chess pawn and softball

2. Broom, basket and sponge

1. Teddy Bear and Receipt