Girl Who Is Too Afraid Of Spiders Orders Food So She Can Ask Her Delivery Driver For Help

My roommate in college was afraid of spiders back in the day. Now he’s a bad ass in the coast guard, so don’t underestimate anyone that is afraid of spiders. I mean they have six more legs than us, so they are obviously alien creatures from another planet.

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Another person in the world that is afraid of spiders is Demi Sweeney. She’s a 22-year-old criminology student over in England and she found a spider in her house. So she did what any spider-fearing person would do, and she called for help.


She didn’t call an exterminator though, she went the next best option. She ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken from a delivery service and then had the delivery driver do her dirty work.

She messaged them on Twitter saying:

Image Via Twitter

This might be the best way to get any task done. Don’t want to fold your laundry? Get a delivery of food and ask the driver! Need to get a pesky itch on your back you can’t reach? Get a delivery of food and ask the driver!

Image Via Twitter

Demi tweeted the whole story out and it’s safe to say it went pretty viral.

She spoke to Unilad about the incident, saying:

“I would say my phobia is very severe – I had around five hours sleep last night as I couldn’t fall to sleep in worry that there was one and then I can’t stay asleep as I wake up multiple times a night to scan the room for them.

I get so paranoid I find myself constantly worrying and looking around the environment I’m in to make sure there aren’t any.”


The only problem in this story was that her white knight, I mean delivery driver was also scared of spiders. She had to beg him desperately to save her because she had no where else to turn. Demi’s roommates were actually the ones to suggest the delivery driver tactic.

Once Demi convinced her driver to grab the spider, the arachnid put up a fight after scurrying away on the ground. He was able to corral it eventually though and he left and that was that.


You would think that he received a huge tip, but in that flurry of emotions Demi forgot to tip the guy!

She said:

“I have not tipped the driver no, I didn’t give it much thought through the panic :(”

She did get a Tweet back from the delivery service and hopefully they gave the driver a fat bonus for the free publicity.

Demi also spoke to Buzzfeed and said:

“I thanked him around 50 times, he kept saying this is so funny whilst laughing.

I wanted to hug him. A real life hero.”

So if you are ever afraid for your life due to a heckin spider, use this tactic! It may get expensive if you need to get some food every time you see one of those scary spiders though!